Jacquie Marino, Contributing Editor; Gary Harwood, Chief Photographer

Ohio’s Flying Community

“A mile of road will take you one mile. A mile of runway will take you anywhere.” No one is quite sure who said this first—but I am guessing when they did—they were looking through the propeller arc of a J3 Cub, and the airplane’s wheels were just rising above the dew on a narrow green patch of grass somewhere in Ohio.

General aviation in Ohio is anything but the airlines—and includes everything from family-run flight schools to the farmer’s grass airstrip and aerospace entrepreneurs dreaming of “roadless trucks” for third-world countries.

The light of the mainstream media often shines brightly on the jet drivers, millionaires and astronauts. But what most people don’t know is that you are as likely to find them here, at the local airfield with the other legends and leagues of hard-working folks whose lives are deeply rooted in the nation’s birthplace of aviation.

Joe Murray, Editor

Among them are the freight dogs, restorers, crop dusters, mechanics, parachute packers, blimp and balloon drivers, flight instructors, students, sport pilots, and airfield operators. They all feed their families and love of aviation by living and working around the flying machines that most of us see only as specks in the early morning’s blue sky.

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Joe Murray, Editor

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