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Sleights of Humble Pie

PORT CLINTON — Local aviation enthusiast and Ford Tri-Motor historian, David Hirt gets a seat at the table with the beautiful, accomplished aviatrix and former airline captain, Julie Clark. Hirt dodges a knife, and a daredevil waitress saves his life.

Putting the Hammer Down

David Hirt recalls his first flight to Oshkosh in a twin-engine Beechcraft with a persnickety starter. Nothing a hammer and a pocket knife couldn’t fix. But would they ever actually get there?

Living (with) the Dream

DAYTONA BEACH — While most airline passengers consider time spent in airports as just another obstacle between them and the comfort of their own home — many pilots and aircraft owners actually enjoy their hours at the local aerodrome. Some like it so much, that they decide to live at the airport. Join Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University pilot David McCartney as he explores the Spruce Creek Fly-In Community in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Love at First Flight

ALLIANCE, Oh. – A retired Civil Air Patrol Squadron commander with 20 years of service, Barber holds a commercial pilot certificate with single-and multi-engine ratings, seaplane and helicopter rating, with flight instructor privileges. Barber and his wife, Patty run Barber Airport in Alliance, Ohio. He recalls their first flight together.

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