My Tail’s Dragging

MEDINA — Pilot attempts to learn how to fly a “conventional” airplane from the 1940’s. All that is required is to be able to balance a baseball bat in one hand, and push a two-wheeled suitcase in a straight line while running. If successful, there may be hope of not ruining Earle Olsen’s 62-year old pride and joy.

The Dream Boat – It Flies

LAKE ARTHUR, Pa. – What could possibly be more fun than a boat, than when it is also an airplane. Fly with Dan Marks as his amphibious Aviat Husky slips the surly bonds of western Pennsylvania’s grass and asphalt to splash down between the rolling mountain banks of the Allegheny River.

Float like a Butterfly, Buzz Like a Bee

RAVENNA- Most people assume a parachute provides a spectacular ride back to earth from far above. Retired schoolteacher John Siman would agree—but he also has found a way to ride the ‘chute in more than one direction while teaching school children a few lessons about science.

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