An Unusual Gift

MADISON, OH–Forty-six years ago, Gretchen Reed was picking someone up from a small airport in Painesville when she first saw Charles Reed, a diehard pilot she knew through family friends. She was 21 and “he was just the ultimate cool,” she says.

The Old and the Bold

KENT — Some time after the first solo and before becoming licensed, every pilot who has learned how to fly since the 1920s has been warned, “There are old pilots, and there are bold pilots—but there are no old bold pilots.” How then, does one explain Richard Schwabe?

My Tail’s Dragging

MEDINA — Pilot attempts to learn how to fly a “conventional” airplane from the 1940’s. All that is required is to be able to balance a baseball bat in one hand, and push a two-wheeled suitcase in a straight line while running. If successful, there may be hope of not ruining Earle Olsen’s 62-year old pride and joy.

Aerial Traffic Control

COLUMBUS – The Ohio Highway Patrol has used aircraft for searches and photography since 1948. But the first time pilots engaged in traffic enforcement was in 1952, when two Ohio Highway Patrol pilots saw a semi driving recklessly in Mahoning County. According to an Ohio Public Safety newsletter, they radioed a ground patrolman, who pulled […]

Sharp Sticks and Mechanical Men

TIFFIN, Oh. – It takes skill, dedication, unyelding resourcefulness and a sense of humor to keep general aviation’s 50-year old fleet of airplanes flying safely year after year. Meet three sharp sticks on a team of amazing mechanical men, Tom Schulze, Frank Sabo and Tom McGuire of Tiffinaire at Seneca County Airport.

Honk if You Love This Goose

PORT CLINTON, Oh. – Passengers and pilots alike are enchanted with the Old Tin Goose. This 1920’s era Ford Tri-Motor with a corrugated metal skin brings out the best in people, and every few years or so, they flock to Port Clinton with their kids for a nostalgic low-altitude hop around the Lake Erie Islands.

One Man’s Stearman

GARRETTSVILLE, Oh. – Before Boeing made jets, they made biplanes. Machine shop owner and pilot, Tim Paul is the likely caretaker of a remarkable piece of flying history.

My Tail’s Dragging | Photoessay

This photoessay accompanies the feature story, “My Tail’s Dragging,” by Joe Murray.

My Tail’s Dragging | Video Feature

This video accompanies the feature story, “My Tail’s Dragging,” by Joe Murray.

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